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This colored sketch from page 14 of the Louisville Zoo Botanical Master Plan illustrates a typical section through a walkway in the tropical forest area of the zoo. Pedestrians view understory plantings and the adjacent wetlands. “Exotic textures…
This colored sketch from page 9 of the Louisville Zoo Botanical Master Plan shows a stream cascading through a tropical forest a butterfly and bird are present in the thick vegetation. “As visitors arrive at the new Zoo entry complex they will find…
This colored sketch from page 11 of the Louisville Zoo Botanical Master Plan depicts a path through the perennial garden at the zoo. Flowers are visible in the foreground and in the distance. “The area around the Kentucky Village will include an…

This colored sketch from page 15 of the Louisville Zoo Botanical Master Plan illustrates a deciduous forest in the springtime, with flowrs in the foreground, and trees and blooming shrubs in the background. “Where exhibit habitats require a…
This colored sketch from page 13 of the Louisville Zoo Botanical Master Plan shows a marsh area with lily pads and flowers in the foreground and a muskrat on a log beyond the water. “Cattails, pickerelweed, duck weed, water lilies and arrowhead all…
This colored sketch from page 12 of the Louisville Zoo Botanical Master Plan shows distant trees and a zebra behind a grassy area. Birds and colorful flowers are in the foreground. “As illustrated above, the African savanna will include collections…

This is a partially colored sketch that features bobcats and wolves in their wooded enclosure at the Wheeling, West Virginia zoo. A viewing shelter overlooks the exhibit.

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This plan includes a pencil elevation sketch showing a boardwalk and shelter overlooking marsh habitat and a waterfall. It is not known which zoo this plan was for.

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Four pencil sketches depict buildings in their settings within the zoo: zoo entrance buildings, railroad station, food concessions, and African plains habitat overlook.

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This colored sketch depicts zebras and wildebeast in an African plains setting, with wetlands at one side. At the right, zoo guests enjoy the view while dining. It is not known for which zoo this was drawn. Possibilities are: Chaffee (Fresno, CA) or…

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Flamingos and a giant tortoise are in the foreground, with new entry buildings in the background. “As the new Children’s Zoo expands and develops, the Master Plan proposes a new main entrance immediately adjacent to the parking area. Here a group…

Zebras in the foreground and giraffes in the back are observed by visitors from a covered observation tower. “The visitor will approach the exhibit up an inclined boardwalk, providing access to an observation tower. From here the observer will be…

Pencil sketch of a section of the walkway, understory planting, and wetlads of the tropical forest exhibit, which was colored for use as an illustration in the publication. Also included are five plant detail drawings used as insets in the booklet…

Pencil sketch of a cascading waterfall in a tropical setting, which was used to create a colored illustration for the associated publication. The final illustration did not include the people shown at the lower right. “As visitors arrive at the new…

Pencil sketch of woodland scene, which was used to create a colored sketch for the associated publication, and two inset drawings: ferns (used in the booklet) and an herbaceous plant (not used). “Where exhibit habitats require a temperate forest…

Elevation pencil sketch of gazebo and surrounding landscaping for the gazebo placed in the northeast quadrant of the town square in Lima, Ohio. Included is a brief list of features of the gazebo.

Oblique aerial view of pedestrian walkway with exhibits and buildings. Derived from pencil sketch zoo_hen_sk_00.

Oblique aerial view of pedestrian walkway with exhibits and buildings. Colored version is zoo_hen_sk_01.

Pencil sketch of a cross section of the rockwork that forms the basis for several exhibits in the east Africa section of the Ft. Wayne Children’s Zoo, Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Colored sketch of the penguin exhibit for the Erie Zoo, Erie, Pennsylvania. Visitors view penguins swimming underwater through a glass wall, and view penguins on land behind the water feature.

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