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Photograph of pedestrians walking past a planting of trees and flowers in planters along the street.
Ornamental streetlights lit up at night near the courthouse.
Ornamental streetlight at a corner with the courthouse in the background.
Fountain in the plaza in front of the courthouse.
Pedestrians crossing the street with a park bench in the foreground.
Planters with red flowers, a tree, and bench in front of angled parking along the street.
Planters and trees along the street with a pedestrian and the courthouse in the background.
Close view of round planter with red flowers, and a tree growing from a tree grate across the street from the courthouse.
Front of a pharmacy store with a planter and tree in front of it.
Brickwork detail showing tree grates and two benches.
Three planters and a tree grate in the forground with more planters, benches, and trees visible across the street.
Workers and a bulldozer excavating utilities below the street during the renovation.
Appearance of the street prior to the streetscape renovation. A trash can and mailbox are visible on a concrete sidewalk, with a car parallel parked along the street.
Intersection prior to the renovation, showing bare concrete sidewalks.
Two women walking on a bare concrete sidewalk, prior to the renovation. Parking meters and parallel parked cars can be seen along the sidewalk.
Colored plan of the fountain and plaza in front of the Bellefountaine courthouse, and adjacent streets.
Plan for parking including street parking and off-street parking color-coded by type.
Detailed plan of the fountain plaza in front of the courthouse, showing tree placement and walkways.
Proposed traffic circulation plan for the core four-block area around the courthouse, including alleys.
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