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Black and white photograph of the Mitchell Block with its original upper stories (no longer present), the Waldo Hotel, and the small building between them, which is the oldest building in the square.
Black and white photograph of streetcars, horse-drawn carriage, and pedestrians with the bandstand visible in the northeast quarter of the public square in Lima, Ohio.
The northeast corner of the Lima public square shwing the plain concrete sidewalks and automobile parking on the square.
Parade in the Lima Public Square. Several early automobiles are visible, as well as a streetcar and people riding horses.
Two women walking on a bare concrete sidewalk, prior to the renovation. Parking meters and parallel parked cars can be seen along the sidewalk.
Intersection prior to the renovation, showing bare concrete sidewalks.
Appearance of the street prior to the streetscape renovation. A trash can and mailbox are visible on a concrete sidewalk, with a car parallel parked along the street.
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