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The Botanical Master Plan highlights a landscape development that will complement the implementation of the physical master plan for this zoo in Louisville, Kentucky.

A study of the need for updating the Village core and to explore the potential for facilities improvements.

This master plan deals with zoological exhibits and addresses the requirements of vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking, service and special activity areas.

This urban design plan centers on combining a pleasant, unified pedestrian environment with a compatible system of vehicular circulation and parking.

This plan sought to develop and confirm strategic goals for the zoo and provide a planning framework for detailed design and development. This document includes part of the published plan, particularly the "character sketches" that includes artwork…

This was a plan created for the Brown County Park Commission and Boosters of the Reforestation Camp Zoo for a 1986-87 fund drive.

A comprehensive development plan with nine phases, including cost estimates and land use analysis.

The Springboro Community Development Guide Plan is intended to direct the pattern of development of the Springboro area.

The concept of Streetscape is an effort to produce an environment that will reduce the impace of vehicular traffic and increase visual amenities, as well as pedestrian comfort and safety.

This streetscape plan carefully blends the requirements of people and traffic into a unified design that will enrich the urban core of Lancaster.

A study to provide the proper framework for the physical expansion of Findlay College

As well as improve the physical appearance of the downtown, Fostoria's Streetscape will increase the comfort and safety of pedestrians by clarifying vehicular patterns such as parking and left turn lanes.

A long-range plan intended to provide a design and implementation guide to effectively deal with current and future development of the zoo.

This plan for a five-fold expansion of this zoo in Jackson, Mississippi described a redevelopment using modern design techniques.

A plan to redevelop the zoo to focus on conservation, education, recreation, and research.

This plan for the downtown area carefully blends functions of people traffic, and transit into a compatible refurbished environment.

A report recording the approach to planning the future development of facilities at Mary Holmes College, West Point, Mississippi.

A summary of master development planning and problem solving at Ohio Northern University from 1984-1989

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A plan to integrate education, recreation, and conservation with active visitor participation to support revenue-producing activities for this zoo in Bloomington, Illinois.
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