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This urban design plan centers on combining a pleasant, unified pedestrian environment with a compatible system of vehicular circulation and parking.

As well as improve the physical appearance of the downtown, Fostoria's Streetscape will increase the comfort and safety of pedestrians by clarifying vehicular patterns such as parking and left turn lanes.

This plan for the downtown area carefully blends functions of people traffic, and transit into a compatible refurbished environment.

The concept of Streetscape is an effort to produce an environment that will reduce the impace of vehicular traffic and increase visual amenities, as well as pedestrian comfort and safety.

In an effort to capture the history and to guarantee a vital business center for present and future years, a Downtown Streetscape Project is being undertaken.

The streetscape design will incorporate new sidewalks and curbs including plaza-like areas of decorative paving.

To bring about a unique and economically viable atmosphere this report suggests four basic programs: streetscape improvements, parking, facade renovation, and rehabilitation of existing structures for new development.

This document is inteded as an implementation and management guide for Findlay's Street Tree Program. It provides background information as well as site inventory and analysis, provides recommended tree types, identifies typical problems and their…

A long-range plan intended to provide a design and implementation guide to effectively deal with current and future development of the zoo.

This was a plan created for the Brown County Park Commission and Boosters of the Reforestation Camp Zoo for a 1986-87 fund drive.

This plan provided guidelines for the improvement and expansion of the zoo.

A plan to increase visitor awareness and understanding of animals, and to reorganize vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking, activity and service areas.

This master plan deals with zoological exhibits and addresses the requirements of vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking, service and special activity areas.

This plan sought to develop and confirm strategic goals for the zoo and provide a planning framework for detailed design and development. This document includes part of the published plan, particularly the "character sketches" that includes artwork…
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