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A study of the need for updating the Village core and to explore the potential for facilities improvements.
Rough sketch showing the aerial view of the roof of the gazebo in the public square of Lima, Ohio.

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Colored plan of the fountain and plaza in front of the Bellefountaine courthouse, and adjacent streets.
Detailed plan of the fountain plaza in front of the courthouse, showing tree placement and walkways.
Ornamental streetlights lit up at night near the courthouse.
Ornamental streetlight at a corner with the courthouse in the background.
Colored sketch showing two women seated on a bench viewing the courthouse and fountain. Tree plantings and decorative brickwork are also visible. This is part of the same larger sketch as cbd_bel_sk_03.
Photograph of pedestrians walking past a planting of trees and flowers in planters along the street.

This urban design plan centers on combining a pleasant, unified pedestrian environment with a compatible system of vehicular circulation and parking.
Brickwork detail showing tree grates and two benches.
Steel span bridge across the Ottawa River in Lima, Ohio taken from the north bank of the river.

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Colored sketch showing two bicyclists crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Ottawa River.
Colored sketch showing traffic traveling along a section of State Route 81 re-engineered as a boulevard with trees planted along its edges.
Plan with color-coded areas showing major public buildings, areas with redevelopment potential, and new or revised parking.
Sketch of landscaping at Capital Square with pedestrians walking and relaxing and the capitol building in the background. The plan provided vehicular access to an underground parking garage that was below the landscaped area. Prior to changing theā€¦

The Springboro Community Development Guide Plan is intended to direct the pattern of development of the Springboro area.
Workers and a bulldozer excavating utilities below the street during the renovation.
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