The Bassett Associates Archive contains media and information documenting the work of Bassett Associates Landscape Architects (previously known as James H. Bassett, Inc.) and the individual practice of James H. Bassett prior to the formation of the corporation. It includes plans, photographs, and sketches mostly digitized from the paper or film originals. The material shared here is only a small selection of the approximately 70 000 files stored on the corporation's server at the time it disbanded in 2017.

The corporate history of Bassett Associates is as follows:

Using the archive

Perhaps the best way to get an overview of major works designed by Bassett Associates is to view the digital exhibit documenting the Artspace Lima 2001 exhibition entitled "James H. Bassett, Landscape Architect: A Retrospecive Exhibition 1952-2001".

To view works grouped by project or category, browse the collection catalog. The reports collection includes PDF versions of some of the major published development plans.

Intellectual property considerations


You may use or share these works in any way if you provide appropriate attribution and state the license (CC BY). Please attribute using the Citation field of the work's page. Example:

James H. Bassett, “Ross County Courthouse,” Bassett Associates Archive, accessed August 4, 2023, Available under a CC BY 4.0 license.


The intellectual property status of the works present in the collection varies depending on the age, type, and creator of the work.

In general, sketches were created by and attributed to James H. Bassett. Plans, models, posters, and diagrams were generally created by a team and are attributed to the corporation. In most cases, the creator of individual photographs is not known, so they are therefore attributed to the corporation -- in any case they are considered work for hire by the corporation.

Works created prior to 1978 that have not previously been published are copyright of their attributed creator (James H. Bassett or James H. Bassett, Inc. (d.b.a. Bassett Associates). In the case of many published reports prior to 1978, they were published without a copyright notice and may therefore be in the Public Domain. Because some images may have been published at lower resolution in these reports, they may also be in the Public Domain.

All works created during or after 1978 are copyright of their attributed creator.

Upon dissolution of the corporation, James H. Bassett retained rights to his original artwork.

In order to make these works more widely available and to simplify usage requirements, James H. Bassett and the final shareholders of Bassett Associates at the time of its dissolution (James H. Bassett, Patrick J. Beam, and David E. Bassett) have agreed to make all works published on this site available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. The attribution statement for each work can be found in the Citation field of the work's page.

If you believe that a work is inappropriately attributed and is not intellectual property of Bassett Associates or James H. Bassett, please contact Steve Baskauf and provide a link to the work.